Monday, June 10, 2013

The Vault of Water

Genesis 1:6-8

God spoke again for a vault to separate the waters - above and below.

We always went up to the Superior National Forest for our family vacations.  We would head up I35 and crest the hill that overlooked Lake Superior.  I would love to see the place where the water meets the sky and often couldn't tell the difference between them.  I thought that this passage was a poetic way of saying God made the sky which reflects the water.

In college, I learned a different theory.  That some believe there was a layer of water vapor or canopy around the earth, and that's what God was separating.  It was sort of a protecting layer, and would have been like a giant terrarium.  There would have been no rain since there were mists and fountains from the earth.  This is an interesting theory, and it makes sense later when Noah's Ark happens - the first rain, if you will.  And no wonder a rainbow was a symbol, since there wouldn't have been a rainbow before then without rain.

Whatever the real story, God created the atmosphere on earth for his creation to thrive.  And the earth orbited the sun and day 2 passed.

In summary, God:

  • Uses the power of his voice to separate water
  • Everything that He creates, He names - even the sky