Friday, May 3, 2013

The First Day

Genesis 1:5

God named what he created - day for the light, night for the dark.  He values names and words and a pattern to life.  I wonder if this is the point where time was created; when night turned to morning and the first day happened.  God, who is outside of time, created a place where time would pass continually from day to night until He said otherwise.

At the end of the verse, it says that this was the first day.  I wonder about that, because it could have been a very long first day, or very short.  Or could it have been a long day, if there was no time yet?  When did the first day start?  Perhaps it doesn't matter, as we aren't told much more than this.  There is a little more unpacking of this story a little later but I don't know if it answers all my questions.

It is curious that a day means the passing of light to dark and to light again.  Could you have created time without the passage of the revolution of planets and suns and their corresponding orbits?  It all seems like a complicated clockwork where the gears are set in place and - sproing - there go the planets and stars in their orbits.

In summary, God:

  • Gives names to His creation
  • Created a place where time will continue to pass
  • Made 2 unique parts of a day

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