Friday, April 26, 2013


I'm off track a little today, I also am reading the NT during breakfast time, so I can be in different parts of scripture.  Anyway, I was reading in Corinthians and realized something about the word "comfort."  I did a look up on as well.

Comfort is always given by God, something from God or another person.

When someone tries to find comfort somewhere else, he/she doesn't find it.  Such as Job trying to find comfort in his bed.

There is no comfort given for those whose acts are wrong, unless they repent.

Comfort can be refused.

Comfort from wrong and deceitful sources is false.

Over and over, comfort is given to those who are in distress or have been recently repented and are forgiven for a wrong.  Often times comfort is seen as a "female" act, such as a mother comforting a child. There's probably a bit more to study about this one word, but these are some quick observations over morning coffee.

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