Thursday, April 11, 2013

God saw

Genesis 1:3-4

God can speak.  I don't know what language He spoke, that doesn't seem important here.  What is important is that He spoke and light appeared.  I wonder if he blinked hard when the light first appeared and had to adjust his eyes?  From constant eternal darkness, to sudden light.  Darkness was still there, as we know from verse 4.  Interesting to note, verse 1 does not say how God created the heavens and the earth.  But here, we know that He used his voice. it a voice that He speaks with?

Another thing to get here is that there is power in His words.  Power to create with a voice - to create something that didn't exist before.  I have heard some pretty good singers over the years, who could evoke feelings and emotions with their voice.  And I have seen people able to shatter glass at a certain vibration of singing.  But have never heard of someone creating something with their voice.

In verse 4, we see that God saw.  Could he see before the light?  Does He have eyes like us, or something else to see by?  In any case, He saw now that there was light.  And He thought the light was good.  It doesn't say that He was happy or sad about it, just that he saw the light as good.  God gave light an adjective.

A quick look up to online dictionaries describes the word "good" with these words:
favorable, bountiful, fertile, attractive, suitable, advantageous, agreeable, pleasant, full, honorable, true, satisfactory, commendable, right, etc.

Could God have seen all of these things in light and more?  Because it is favorable and pleasant to have light. It's also fertile because it helps things to grow.  Light is attractive and satisfactory to be in and a very true part of our lives.

And then God separated the light from the darkness.  Which implies that they were not separate before.  I don't know how God separated them either.  It doesn't say that He said anything, just that He did it.

In summary, God:

  • can speak and use His speech to create
  • can see in the light
  • can review His work and describe it
  • can sort things into His own order

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