Monday, April 8, 2013

What it's all about

I have many times been struck with the realization that God reveals Himself to us not all at once but little by little.  And our relationship with Him also is a process, a micro evolution if you will.  So I wondered - how has God revealed Himself to mankind since creation?

For many years I've wanted to go through the Bible chronologically and see how God has revealed Himself through time.  However, I am by no means a Bible scholar or theologian.  I put it off until someday.  Yet this curiosity has not gone away.  It pops up now and then and I would gently lay it aside until later, when I had more time or knew more about the Bible.

But when will I ever have the time or knowledge that I think I need to do this?  If God has given me this desire through the years, then perhaps I should listen.  And perhaps He wants me to undertake this as I am, not as I wish I would be.

I am using the NIV Once-A-Day Bible: Chronological Edition via my kindle.  I do understand that even though this is compiled in a chronological order, it wasn't written all in that order.  Most likely I won't read the whole section for the day.  Some days it may be just be a verse or a paragraph, depending on what is in there to think about.  There is no hurry to be done.  What is most important is to see the Bible with new eyes and try to get to know God a little more.

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